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Thirty years BREMINALE !



“That went well!”, is what the organizers say when they are very pleased with their baby. In this case it is named “Breminale” and it turned 30 this year. The current legal guardians Max Maurer and Susanne von Essen enjoyed, together with roughly 220.000 visitors, the diverse-as-never-before arranged program at the Osterdeich meadows and behind the Kunsthalle.

In the third decade of the international culture festival the Himmlische Wiese has established itself as an area of calm and soft sounds and the newcomer stages like the Tanzboden as host of Bremen NEXT or the Dreimeterbretter for the free scene of Bremen found their place. “That is how we offer the next generation an anchorage ground at the Breminale!”, art director Susanne von Essen states happily. Similarly approved were the steps into the digital world. With the free Wi-Fi provided by the Freifunk Bremen people could guide themselves across the whole area via app.

Organizer Max Maurer is relieved: After he worked on the right measures in close consultation with the responsible authorities prior to the festival, his résumé turns out positive: “No severe incidents, the atmosphere was peaceful.” Considering the ever-friendly and present police officers of Bremen at the festival some visitors sighed and thought of Hamburg. “Here it shows how it can be!” was a frequently heard comment.

The musicians who came from Hamburg for a concert at the Breminale breathed more easily, too: “It’s so nice here with you!” bassist Ben Schadow notices, who travelled from the motto-demo “G20-Welcome to Hell” to the Bremen tent beneath the trees, called “Himmelwärts”. These trees shone in the most colourful shades. This special flair was also used by the French collective Toto Black for their Roller Disco that quickly evolved into a crowd puller for young and old.

Hand wrists without Breminale wristband could hardly be found these days. Many supporters wanted to buy so the new Breminale bus could normally not open fast enough. Also, thanks to these incomes things will continue: From July 25th to 29th 2018 one can purchase additional Breminale square meters.