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  1. Abramowicz

    Punkrock (Germany)


    A very fresh punk band from Hamburg: the musical essence of Abramowicz lies in the roots of rock of the American working class. Their music gets under the skin. Its literally putting itself forward for jumping around… More

    1. Fri, 07 July / 20:00h Flut
  2. AG FORM

    Jazz/Pop/Post-Rock (Germany)


    The name of the project group FORM is based on its plural: It is about understanding that a band always consists of many; that music – formally – consists of many things. In this sense, the project group provides instrumental… More

    1. Thu, 06 July / 21:00h Dreimeterbretter
  3. Aleeza Lynn

    Singer/Songwriter (Germany)

    Aleeza Lynn

    Aleeza Lynn from Bremen sings and plays the guitar very nearly her whole life. Her songs are snapshots, finds from the wayside collected at different places: Indonesia, Bremen, New Zealand, Münster – then stored, nursed,… More

    1. Wed, 05 July / 19:00h Dreimeterbretter
  4. Alexa Feser

    Pop (Germany)

    Alexa Feser

    Yet again, Alexa Feser has moved to another district. “As soon as it feels too comfortable there is nothing new developing anymore“, she says and thus she resettled in a place in Berlin that is particularly uncomfortable –… More

    1. Thu, 06 July / 21:00h Deichgraf
  5. Alice Merton

    Indie-Pop (Germany/Canada)

    Alice Merton

    Alice Merton's life happened beyond the spotlights – until now. She took her time to mature as an artist and to get to the heart of her music. In December 2016 she finally released her debut single “No Roots“. There could have… More

    1. Wed, 05 July / 21:00h Deichgraf
  6. Amanda

    Rap/Soul/Pop (Germany)


    Rap, soul and pop, the streets and concert halls, Berlin slang and merciless emotions – Amanda is a woman of alleged contradictions and that is what makes her unique as an artist. For some she might seem lovely familiar:… More

    1. Thu, 06 July / 19:30h Deichgraf
  7. Ann Doka

    New Country-Pop (Germany)

    Ann Doka

    New Country is pop without plastic – the next big hype. For Ann Doka it is first and foremost a long-cherished passion. When she was 14 years old she discovered her love for country, thenceforth played in different bands,… More

    1. Sat, 08 July / 20:00h Baronesse
  8. Apartment

    Human Jukebox (Germany)

    Finest pearls out of the vinyl box of a rental apartment in the Western area of Braunschweig.

    1. Fri, 07 July / 14:00h Dreimeterbretter
  9. Aron L Flow

    Singer-Songrock (Germany)

    Aron L Flow

    A man with a guitar. Aron L Flow is pop, rock, blues and Jazz.  Influences from punk, metal and classic show through as well as many a citation from Iron Maiden, Delibes and Django Reinhardt. Since 2013 the native of Bremen… More

    1. Fri, 07 July / 19:00h Jurte
  10. Audio Stunts & Mahumba

    House, DJ (Germany)

    Audio Stunts & Mahumba

    The two chaotic guys from Bremen who met years ago at a job at a bumper car swear until today that they remained true to their showman roots and exclusively played at graduation parties, in large-capacity discos and at opening… More

    1. Wed, 05 July / 22:00h Dreimeterbretter
  11. AVEC

    Pop (Austria)


    It is the silent and soft tones, the essence of the notes and the intimate stories that AVEC falls for. That is probably why the only 21 years young Austrian girl is herself the most amazed about how quickly and how high her… More

    1. Thu, 06 July / 19:00h Baronesse
  12. BAUSA

    HipHop/Rap (Germany)


    There are many newcomers in the German rap scene – however, only a few leave such a tremendous impression like Bausa: Not only because of his skills but also because of his concise and characteristic voice that distinguishes… More

    1. Wed, 05 July / 22:45h Tanzboden
  13. becker + brügesch


    becker + brügesch
  14. Between Mountains

    Pop (Iceland)

    Between Mountains

    Between Mountains come from the pristine landscapes of the Icelandic Western fjords. The 15- and 16-year-old duo consisting of Katla Vigdís and Ásrós Helga won the Icelandic Music Experiments Contest in April this year which… More

    1. Thu, 06 July / 21:40h Himmelwärts
  15. BIKE IT!


    BIKE IT!
  16. Bikini Jesus

    New Wave Surf (Germany)

    Bikini Jesus

    The sound of the 2013 founded berlin quartet evade any kind of categorization though it can be said that Bikini Jesus are willingly inspired by melody-loving dream pop and shoegaze. The debut is called like the band. Six… More

    1. Wed, 05 July / 19:30h Baronesse
  17. Bremer Kneipenchor

    Gesang (Germany)

    Bremer Kneipenchor

    45 singers, 13 songs, 2863 beers, 12 sea raids. The Bremer Kneipenchor exists for two and a half years now, meets once a week for rehearsals under the direction of Svenja Horn and plays in the pubs of Bremen. Last year the… More

    1. Wed, 05 July / 19:00h Jurte
  18. Bremer Newcomer


    Beo, Marci The Kid, Intaktuist, 219Click, Lenny Morris

    1. Wed, 05 July / 20:00h Tanzboden
  19. brennholzverleih

    Reggae/Ska/Punk (Germany)


    brennholzverleih means danceable ska, easygoing and smooth reggae, and angry, energetic, dirty punk rock. The band plays music with people and – most importantly – for people! The texts adopt a critical attitude towards topics… More

    1. Sat, 08 July / 19:00h Wohnzimmer
  20. Bukow

    Indie-Rock (Germany)


    A cold day at the sea, the waves crash and you sit together with good friends – that is the sound of Bukow. The four men from bremen greet with a warm Moin instead of a simple Hello. In the same vein they write their music:… More

    1. Wed, 05 July / 20:00h Flut
  21. Capsula

    Space Rock'n'Roll (Argentina)


    Capsula are Rock 'n' Roll. The forever touring trio, consisting of the wild front man and guitarist Martín Guevara, his Rock 'n' Roll soul-mate Coni Duchess Duchess on bass and the drummer Ignacio Guantxe, create huge waves of… More

    1. Sat, 08 July / 19:00h Baronesse
  22. Chefboss

    HipHop (Germany)


    They have the power to let others pile the cars at the junkyard by colour for them – and that is only one superpower of this mighty duo from Hamburg. Chefboss – that is Alice Martin, Maike Mohr and their gang! Chefboss – that… More

    1. Fri, 07 July / 22:00h Tanzboden
  23. CHS

    Mobile Ideen. Seit 1978. (Advert)

  24. Chuckamuck

    Garage Rock (Germany)


    The waiting comes to an end. At the beginning of September 2017 the third studio album of Chuckamuck will finally be released. There is no other band of the generation Y in Germany that knows how to delight so heartening… More

    1. Thu, 06 July / 20:00h Flut
  25. crème de la brême

    Groove Collective (Germany)

    crème de la brême

    Jamband from Boogiedown Bremen. Groove Collective. Improvisation is a must.

    1. Sat, 08 July / 19:00h Dreimeterbretter