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Poster 2016
Poster 2016

The free cultural festival Breminale invited its visitors from July 13th to 17th 2016 to stroll, listen, dance and enjoy the vibes in good company along the enchanted dike-meadows. More than 100 artists performed in four big circus tents and on many more stages. A variety of music, dance, readings and theatre and culinary delights left nothing to be desired.

And again renowned bands played in front of hundreds of people, though this time the festival presented itself with a musical diversity as never before: Stars from the Altmannshöhe to the watersedge of the Weser covered the whole musical range from world music to Rock'n'Roll to alternative and pop music. On stage in the four biggest marquees Flut, Deichgraf, Baronesse and Himmelwärts artists like Laith Al-Deen, Jupiter Jones and Town of Saints celebrated with the dancing crowd until midnight. Behind the scenes a ligamental strain, two mosquito bites,  fifteen applications for naturalization and many promises to return next year from the artists made the festival in 2016 a unique and memorable event.

Approximately 200.000 visitors from near and far enjoyed five days of wild gaiety and open air ease. We, the team from Sternkultur, will keep the Breminale spirit alive while planning the next big success for 2017. Our philosophy is to provide space for music and culture that is open to everyone. Under the motto " No Racism, but Respect!" we want to promote and demand values of civil courage and tolerance on as well as behind the stage. "Of course we are immensely irritated by the criminal incidents on the festival site," Max Maurer, project manager of the festival, said, " but we want stay an Open Air Festival without fences. This low-threshold approach is important to us."

There was great excitement about the many opportunities to share the Breminale vibes online: Blogs from our media partners, up-dates and tweets on Twitter and daily crowd clips captures the shimmering athmosphere of the five festival days.

Furthermore we have seen progress in our endeavour for sustainability: Way more than 1000 lamps on our chains of lights are now operating with energy-saving LED-technology thanks to the financial support from festival visitors and sponsors. Many thanks!

The Dörfliche Wiese with its variety of fair trade and certified organic goods is still flourishing. When sitting on the meadow with good food and good company discussions on the sustainable future of the city of Bremen come up. However next year the federal sponsorship for the partner associations ProZept and SozialÖkologie will expire: "How can we keep this important platform for ecological consumer behaviour alive for the audience?", Susanne von Essen, artistic director of the festival, is asking herself with regard to the Breminale 2017.