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Roughly 180.000 visitors at the 25ths Breminale

Roughly 180.000 visitors enjoyed themselves on the Osterdeich in year 2012. The Breminale Team was very satisfied with this result. The new fields-concept became a great success. The quality of the visitors stay has been significantly improved. The visitors really appreciated the idea that funny and thrilling acts were built up between the tents and stages. Also the concerts in the tents were all well attended. You could even see lots of swelling crowds gathering in front of the tents.

Especially on Friday and Sunday night the new security concept proved its worth. All the planned innovation was well integrated without affecting the special atmosphere.

The new „Ökodorf“ was also well accepted by the visitors. The organic traders were impressed by the strong support and interest from the visitors side. The "Öko-Bankett" was sold out. Over 250 people took their lunch on a sunny Sunday on the Osterdeich.

Moreover, there was a great support by the inhibitants and visitors of Bremen for the event. The merchandise articles and the srcatch cards were highly requested. The main prize of the tombola was an electric scooter. The gains contribute to the festival, which is also aligned to sustainability. In a united effort the charitable visitors, the major sponsors, the Bremen authorities and co-operation partners have made this event possible. And they will also make it happen in 2013. The Breminale will take place from the 10ths until the 14ths of July!