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Breminale 2011

Yet again: Records at Breminale

The 24. BREMINALE has set some records again. „Fantastic“ „incredible“, „better than ever before“ was the feedback of the guests this year. The acts and the atmosphere of the festival was stunning. With one restriction: it was nearly too packed. Especially on Friday and Saturday night not everybody could reach the stages on the festival ground because there were too many people. To canalize the festival crowd and to get them home safely, the police had the street blocked between Sielwall and Tiefer. „The weather was ideal. As good as never before“, said the project-manager Rolf Hesener. „Warm, but not too hot, sunny and with fresh air, but not too windy- the ideal mix for partying and enjoying a great cultural event.

Fair and organic festival

Although the temporary road closure for this years BREMINALE was actually planned for Sunday morning, it started spontaniously the night before. The last festival day startet with the "Deichbankett" on the Osterdeich, located on the main street above the festival area. Lots of people from Bremen and the guests, especially a lot of families, enjoyed a healthy and fresh meal made of organic and fair trade products. Additionally, there was a lot of information about organic food and fair trade organisations. The BREMINALE and their partners SozialÖkologie e.V. und Prozept e.V. have the ambition to shape the whole event into an organic and fair festival on the long run. Besides the „Biodorf“ on the festival ground, more and more gastronomies extend their range of products offering fair trade and organic foods increasingly. To promote public awareness in this area, all the stand tenants had been contacted and supervised by Rolf Hesener, projektmanager of the BREMINALE. In the next years the BREMINALE is going to expand its project „bio & fair“. The visitors fully accepted and appreciated the offer and the gastronomic quality has improved a lot. Nevertheless, this is one step towards for a fairer and healthier world.

The artistic directorship alternates

„We succeeded in combining the ideas of sustainable and organic acting with popular cultural offerings. You can find very different types of people and programms, which result in a great enjoyment“, says Carsten Werner. Together with Susanne von Essen he is the artistic director since 2008. 2011 was his last year holding this position and it was a great success. „For free, outdoor and with perfect weather conditions.“ Thanks to the sponsors and a lot of partners it is possible to do this great event charging no entrance fee. „For the first time we had to decline some of the requests, because we just had no space“, Susanne von Essen summerizes. And we got a real positive resonance rescheduling the date to the middle of summer, because the weather is much better at that time of the year.

Breminale goes Kunst

In 2011 the BREMINALE Festival cooperated with a big art exhibition for the first time. It was called „Zur Nachahmung empfohlen“ (imitation recommended) and was set up in „Umgedrehte Kommode“ (famous building) on the Stadtwerder. With its topics of urban development, sustainability, boat trips and an auction of souvenirs it was a real part of the festival. This cooperation shall be further expanded in 2012, as well as the festival itself with it's rich offerings of art and culture.

More and more international guests

Moreover, there was the new tent "Hofnarr" on the festival ground. Anja Wedig from the cultural institution "Schwankhalle" was extremely enthusiastic about the idea. The "Schwankhalle" presented young and by then unknown artists and projects to a wide audience. "That gave us the opportunity to do also international networking and invite international artists. "We had a lot of requests for tickets from europe and all over the world" noticed Susanne von Essen. Although we don't sell any tickets, because its a free festival. So we had to put a note on the website which explained the idea of the festival. We don't have tickets because we charge no entrance fee, so there is no application needed. The festival is financed by the gastronomy, the cultural funding from the city Bremen, the program partners, the sponsors and the donations from the visitors. In 2011 the BREMINALE made the world's biggest scratch card which was honored with a place in the Guinness Book of Record. The proceeds, minus the costs, of 10.000 Euro was donated to cultur projects for next year. The 22nd BREMINALE ows its success again to their programm partners like the boat "Treue" and "Hansekogge" which berthed alongside the festival ground. The Radio Bremen program from Bremen Vier, Bremen Eins and nordwestradio, the "Lagerhaus" on the FLUT-stage and the bar from Bremen "Wohnzimmer", the One-man-band-Festival from the "Spedition" and the "Bremer Filmbüro" with the legendary "Super-8-Evening" completed the outstanding festival program. The newspaper of Bremen the "Weser Kurier" and the "Klimafreunde" enabled the Kid's program.