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Breminale 2010

Oh dear, there's about to be a fence at BREMINALE Festival this year. What? The outdoor and cultur festival at the Osterdeich which was free all the years before? But, no panic!

The fence wasn't set up all around the festival ground but run through the heart of the location. So still in 2010 there was no change. Cultur stays free for all and the festival was not complicated through a ticket sytem and entry controls.  But the idea is that everyone who wants to support the artists also in a financial way was given the opportunity to do this. Every Euro makes the festival at the Weser saver and when donated from the adience has a significent meaning.

At the new fence the visitors were able to purchase merchandising items of the 2010-Stadtmusikanten edition. Moreover, one could share ideas of the future program of the BREMINALE 2011 or simply donate money. Every visitor could also just pass the fence and spend some time thinking about the value of music, theatre, literature and the media, like radio and newspaper of the city. The people who were not into this had to run up and down the Dike.

And what was going on at the 22nd BREMINALE? Lifely and more quiet tunes were played on the stages. Castles were built in the sky. traditional and world music, pearles of popmusic and monsters of rock, indie hits and house hymnes presented by Bands like Virgnia Jetzt!, Hundreds, Barbara Morgenstern, Mad Monks, Herrenmagazin, The Koletzkis, Fucking in Champagne, Stereo Total and Ohrbooten, Singer Songwriters Enno Bunger, Tom Lüneburger and Bernd Begemann. The trio Ganes and the skaband Abuela Coca from Uruguay were artistic highlights and insider tips. The visitors could also discover the newcomer bands Dead house Experience from Bremen and the Ska-Reaggae-Combo Skalinka from Oldenburg.

Musical theatre, short films, lyrics, popmusic, jazz and electronic sounds were presented by the Schwankhalle in the DeDrohme on the BREMINALE festival ground. The festival program includes a super-8-evening with live-music and sundayjazz with montuno and shakespeare against the machines, a interactive hairdressing performance with electronic sounds and a chinese boat hire with flowerrides and loveboatrides. There was also a fire show with juggeling from Flambal Olek, dance-theatre, fire spitting and british slapstick a la Mr Bean from the cabarett Mr. Diagonal and the Black Light Orchestra.Moreover, the Circo Panico from italy had their guest appearance at the Hal-Över-ferry pier. In their show they spreaded out lots of strength and creativity and created an intimate and familiar athmoshere in the small circus tent. The circus was presented by the Weser Kurier.

The assessment is encouraging for the BREMINALE 2010. Although the Festival hasn’t reached the high visitor numbers from 2009, because it was too hot at times. Thats a fact,a few years ago, no one would have thought possible. There was continuous rain and wet feed caused by the flooding Weser the years before. After the Festival did not take place in 2007, in 2010 it was even more a great success. The visitor numbers were great, the public’s willingness to donate has raised up to 16000 Euro. Only the WM-Game Germany against Argentina on Saturday night caused an immense gaping emptiness. Such a slowdown hadn’t been there since the first BREMINALE in 1987.