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Breminale 2008

Breminale 2008 After there was no BREMINALE in 2007, the great festival at the Weserdeich was back in 2008. From the 2nd until the 6ths of July one could listen to over 60 Live-concerts and for five days enjoy the great festival feeling. There was a new open-air-stage, where especially local Bands from Bremen and the Bremen region played their concerts. The other stages in three tents presented different styles of music from national and international band formations. The highlights of the five days festival played on saturday night at the "Weltbühne" where the "Sparkasse in Concert" presented too top-class bands. Besides the well-known musical program, there were new venues: the baltic-row-tower, a sauna, an art intallation inside the cycle tunnel and the eventboat "Treue". Moreover, there was a fanciful and imaginative program for kids. The art direction, Susanne von Essen and Carsten Werner suceeded in expanding the musical range of the program. While it was typicly focussed on worldmusic, singer-songwriter and bluesrock, in 2008 the visitors could also listen to electronic sounds and "Deutschpop".

Together with their cooperation partners the radio stations from Bremen "Bremen Vier", "nordwest Radio", "Lagerhaus" and other interesting cultural institutions from Bremen the BREMINALE crew made a fine festival program happen on the old and new locations.

In 2008 there were lots of women on the BREMINALE stages. At the front of the field were the female actors "Lydia Daher", "Bernadette La Hengst" and "Gustav" on the MS Treue, the bands "Paula und Klee" on the swb-stage in the Bremen Vier-tent and "Sandy Dillon" on the Weltbühne. In Arnd Zeiglers wonderful world of pop played the musical project "Hight Llamas" and singer-songwriter "Louis Philippe" from France. "Sirqus Alfon" from Sweden played a wonderful concert at the Weltbühne and friends of Boogie-Woogie and Rockability has profited as well. On the Flut-stage and in the LichtLuftBad the visitors enjoyed the wide range of music from reggae, polka beats, pirats-jazz, chanson and klezmer. One could also watch short film compilations, video installations and illuminations. Between the cycle tunnel "Altmannshöhe", MS Treue and Weltbühne the visitors could see outstanding sculptures, a mobile sauna from the arts group "Fluchtkunst" or the Baltic-Raw-Tower. They offered new spaces for performances, parties, alternative TV-shows and powerpoint-karaoke. Who wanted to have more proximity to home could find this at the "Bremer Bühne" where bands from Bremen and the region of Bremen played.

In total there were 120 attractions. Music, theatre, performances, creative childrens program were offered for the visitors of the free culture festival. Still in 2008, the BREMINALE charged no entry fee. One had the opportunity to donate a little amount of money for placing special emphasis on the program and the festival athmosphere for 2009.