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From the Weserlust to the Breminale

A culturally influenced festival

In 1983 the "Weserlust" ran out of steam and the AG Breminale (resulting from "Kulturkooperative Bremen e.V.") set itself the goal to create a culturally influenced festival instead of a commercially-based festival. 100.000 DM were provided by Horst Franke, the former "Senator for Education, Science and Art" for the creative artists and cultural mediators to realise their ambitions. From the present point of view that amount of money was unbelievably high but unfortunately not sufficient enough for such an event.

The time has come the 16th of September 1987: The official BREMINALE-opening took place at the Bremer market place. More than 10000 people visited the festival area at the „Osterdeich“ greenfield where they enjoyed music, art, literature, theatre and a fanciful progamm for children. At the end of the BREMINALE festival the „Feuer-Wasser-Klang-Corso“ offered a spectacular firework which was impressive and dramatic at the same time: One visitor died after an outsider fired an illumination flare into the crowd.

In 1986 no one of the BREMINALE founding members have thought of the fact that something mundane like the weather should ever influence the success of the festival. Some people are of the opinion that it is raining all the time during the BREMINALE which is clearly a wrong interpretation of the festival. It is probablly the close Weser-bank and the unavoidably connection whith the element water where this conjecture is based on.